Our Rates



You can enjoy instant ROI (return on investment) when foreign visitors are able to read a page translated into their native language by a translation professional. The difference in editorial quality makes a translation prepared by a native language translator-proofreader much more inviting to a site visitor than an ordinary language translation whatever the degree of fluency. Forget about automated translations by search engines that can drive customers away from your site due to their poor performance. Of course, any output produced by an actual individual carries a price tag. Although automated translations are free, there is no guarantee of their accuracy. However, an expert translator has a stake in accuracy and is required to carry professional civil liability insurance! For this reason, 001 Translation Canada has bought a professional liability insurance policy with annual liability coverage of 800,000 USD per contract..

001 Translation Canada's rates are carefully analyzed based on the following:

Combination of the languages requested
As an example, an English-to-French translation costs less than a Chinese-to-French translation.

Requested turnaround time
A translation to be delivered in 3 to 5 days costs less than a 1-day rush translation.

Subject matter of the materials to be translated
The translation of a sales agreement cost less than a clinical cardiology report. We distinguish 10 different categories of translation.

Certified translation
The costs of a translation certified by the authorities by an expert court translator is higher than a regular translation.

However, we apply regular various kinds of discounts that can save you up to 40% on our base rates.